Paper Cuts Ep. 7 – “Gef The Talking Mongoose”


In this episode of Paper Cuts, Loria shares her hobbies with The Host, Cheese-Grater drops some truth bombs, Monk-Fish describes his typical concert going experience, and Senor Crouts regales The Foliage with a yarn about Rip Van Winkle’s home life. Paper Cuts is the cutting edge in late night.

Paper Cuts Season Premiere Tonight!


Tonight, 11:35 PM EST. A new contender enters the late night arena. Witness the cutting edge in late night entertainment as the homicidally hilarious The Host makes sounds at his perpetual guest the deadly glamorous Loria. Experience the strangely poignant paranoid delusions of the stand-up comic Cheese-Grater. Grab a water tube and drift away with Monk-Fish on a twisting waterfall of personal experiences. Finally, let the comforting camaraderie of a human sized sentient leaf named The Foliage and his best friend Senor Crouts soothe you with their reflections on life.

Welcome to Paper Cuts!

Bryan DeMarco